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4pm:  4 o'clock lunch is the art of the late lunch. 
With the recent ratification and legitimisation of eating breakfast cereal for dinner, It seems only natural that those of the late lunch disposition should unite together and eat!

a coffee cupGenetically Modified Coffee
With the recent leaps in genetic modification, we look at the impact of geneticaly modified (GM) coffee beans on your cuppa!.

The 4 o'clock Lunch Quiz!
Everything from the history of lunch to the afternoon siesta, 
take the quiz to get your own high score and 4pm rating!

Submit your favourite cafe to our list of Cafes
That's right!, if your favourite cafe is open after 4pm, it's eligible for listing on our site.

Soup of the week
This week's soup comes from Le Food and is a Carrot and Pumpkin Soup l web-server.

The good, the bad and the ugly
Have your say about any dining experience you've had on the Message Board or Visit the Voting Booths 

Search for Cafe's
Search out Cafe Database. We list only cafes whom are open at 4pm daily. Find Cafes in your area! 

Friends of the 4 o'clock lunch movement
Links to other sites, advertising information and contact details

Beer O'clock
Sun's over the yard arm? you'd better hit ThePub. 


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